Dental Sedation Clinics in Camberley, Surrey



Nervous Patients ยป Our Sedation Clinic

What makes Cedar Clinic so different from other practices that offer sedation?

Many practices advertise sedation as being available. However, in most cases, the dentist will only do this occasionally and will administer the sedation whilst also carrying out the treatment.

Cedar Clinic, however, runs several sedation sessions each week and our Sedation Suite is quite different in that it is equipped and staffed to hospital standards. All sedations are administered by doctors or dentists who have undertaken extensive postgraduate training in this field and who will continue to monitor your vital signs throughout the treatment. This allows the dental surgeon to give you his or her 100% attention whilst carrying out your agreed treatment. Also supporting the dentist is a qualified dental nurse. In the case of dental implants two dental nurses will be present to ensure your safety and comfort.

Monitoring equipment within the clinic includes a pulse-oximeter to track pulse rate as well as oxygen levels within the blood, an ECG machine to measure heart rate and function, a blood pressure monitor, a blood sugar monitor, computer controlled Relative Analgesia equipment and automatic defibrillator. All staff are regularly trained in life support.

When your treatment is complete, you will be transferred to our Recovery Room where you will be attended to by one of our nurses until the sedationist has determined that you are sufficiently recovered to go home.

From your very first contact with Cedar Clinic you can be assured of:

  • an understanding ear
  • a non-pressured environment in which you and the dentist can discuss the treatment options available to you
  • a printed, detailed treatment plan to consider with no compulsion to proceed should you choose not to
  • a kind, caring and highly experienced team to take care of you and
  • access to the most modern innovations in dental treatments and technology.

We warmly invite all prospective patients, who are nervous or frightened at the thought of attending the dentist, to first make contact with a member of our Patient Care Coordinator Team. Their role is to offer anything from a friendly chat to full support and advocacy, depending on the individual patient's need.