Dental Consultation in Camberley, Surrey



Nervous Patients ยป Consultation

If you are referred to us by your dentist, he or she will have sent us details about the dental treatment you require. However, it may be that you are coming to us directly. Either way, we ask that you attend a Consultation appointment.

The purpose of the consultation is to:

  • Meet you - it helps you feel more relaxed when you attend for treatment.
  • Assess your dental condition and discuss treatment options and costs with you - we want, where possible, to match our treatment to your expectations.
  • Determine your suitability for sedation - the vast majority of patients are fit to receive sedation. However, there are certain medical conditions which are not suitable for day - case sedation. Examples include severe lung diseases, sickle cell anemia, obesity and some heart problems.
  • Take X-Rays - Your own dentist may have sent copies of existing x-rays. These are very helpful and assist in treatment planning. However, it is normally necessary for us to take our own x-rays as well so that we can keep our records of your treatment as complete and accurate, as possible.
  • Explain what you can expect at your sedation appointment(s)
  • Complete the Paperwork - For legal and professional reasons, we have to keep very comprehensive records.
  • Arrange your appointment(s) for dental treatment under sedation.

We warmly invite all prospective patients, who are nervous or frightened at the thought of attending the dentist, to first make contact with a member of our Patient Care Coordinator Team. Their role is to offer anything from a friendly chat to full support and advocacy, depending on the individual patient's need.