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How do we manage to help such nervous patients?

We offer our patients treatment under IV Sedation, sometimes called Conscious Sedation. Many patients feel that this could not possibly be effective enough to deal with the level of their anxiety. This is most certainly not the case. Conscious sedation takes away all fear and trepidation – it's a little like being in that pleasant dream like state when you wake in a lovely warm bed. At all times, throughout your treatment, you will have been able to respond to the dentist but all anxiety will have disappeared and you will later remember nothing of the treatment being carried out. Conscious sedation is so much safer than General Anaesthesia that it can be used on the vast majority of adults with no nasty side effects.

We warmly invite all prospective patients, who are nervous or frightened at the thought of attending the dentist, to first make contact with a member of our Patient Care Coordinator Team. Their role is to offer anything from a friendly chat to full support and advocacy, depending on the individual patient's need.