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What is an Apicectomy?

An apicectomy is a surgical procedure where an incision is made in the gum, around the affected toot, to expose the bone and surrounding inflamed tissue. The damaged tissue is removed along with the root tip. A root-end filling material is placed to prevent reinfection of the root and the gum is sutured.

The bone naturally heals around the root over a period of months restoring full function.

Following the procedure, there may be some discomfort or slight swelling while the incision heals. This is normal for any surgical procedure. To alleviate any discomfort, an appropriate pain medication will be recommended.

If you have pain that does not respond to medication, please call the clinic.

"I chose the Cedar Clinic for my orthodontic treatment as it was recommended to me by my dentist. The practice was and still is very friendly and as I was a very nervous patient the staff and particularly Sharan Gill, the orthodontist, always very calming and patient with me. I would recommend the Cedar Clinic to anyone – I also had whitening treatment and a wisdom tooth taken out at the practice. Sharan always takes an interest in me. She makes me feel more like a friend than a patient. Keep up the good work."


- Stacey Wood -

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